Tempur-pedic® Bedding & More

Tempur-pedic® offers a wide variety of accessories to increase the comfort of your chair, sofa or bed.  From state of the art pillows and cushions that utilize the TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material, to risers that will make your "Stressless"chair fit you even better than it already does.  Whatever accessory you need you can be sure that it is built with the same high standards as the furniture.

Tempur-pedic® Accessories

  • Tempur-pedic® Power Bases - Choose from three personalized options to make it the bed you dream about, whether you want to elevate your upper body, or enjoy full-body ergonomic positions and massage.
  • Tempur-pedic® Sheets - A touchable first layer of luxury, designed to fit your mattress. Made from the finest materials—Pima and Egyptian Cotton among them.
  • Tempur-pedic® Pillows - Ergonomically designed to follow the natural curve of your body, and deliver precise support to your neck, head, and shoulders.
  • Tempur-pedic® Slippers - Slippers in a range of styles, each with a comfy TEMPUR insole
  • Tempur-pedic® Mattress Toppers - Features 3" of supportive TEMPUR® Material with a cooling cover, perfect for improving any bed.
Chris says; "As great as your Chair and Bed are, you just can't be in them all the time.  That's why there are seat cushions and leg and back supports that can take your comfort with you.  If the Tempur-pedic makes so much sense for your back..why not for your head too.".


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