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Ekornes® Stressless Recliners, Sofas | Pinehurst | Southern Pines

Stressless® | Save Hundreds

Ekornes® was founded in Norway in 1934 and since that time has become one of the most successful and respected furniture manufacturers in the world. The Stressless® line was launched in 1971 and quickly became known as the worlds most comfortable chair. For more on Ekornes® and the Stressless® line of chairs and sofas visit

Stressless® Techology

Stressless® utilizes the latest technology to ensure that when you sit in a Stressless® chair or sofa you don't want to get up. Learn all about "The Plus System", "Adjustable Headrest", the "Stressless® knob" and the "360 revolution", and find out how they make Stressless® the most comfortable chairs and sofas in the world.

  • The Stressless® Adjustable Headrest is available in most models of our chairs. As you lean your chair backwards or forwards you can see how it adjusts to ensure that your head and neck always has the perfect support. It is a technology that no one else has perfected and one that could make all the difference. Come to the Comfort Studio to see how it works.
  • The Stressless® chairs also utilize the patented Plus™ System. This breakthrough automatically ensures the correct support for your neck and back in all positions. It alone can increase your comfort levels dramatically. The technology is really so simple and when you come into the Comfort Studio we'll explain why it will change the way you relax forever!
  • Stressless® chairs also give you complete range of motion with complete 360º Revolution. You can easily turn in any direction. A gentle push of the foot is all that is required. The swivel function offers great comfort and increased comfort. Come to the Comfort Studio and take one of these amazing chairs for a spin...literally. We'll show you how to be more comfortable

Stressless® Options

Ekornes® offers the Stressless® in as many as 3 different sizes to make sure you can get the perfect fit. Goldilocks had three sizes to choose from....why not you. Come into the Comfort Studio, try them on for size and see which one fits you best! We'll take you through our "Comfort Test" to make sure you get just the right one. The perfect chair is waiting for you.

There are 4 different types of leather to choose from for your new Stressless® chair or sofa, Batick, Classic, Paloma and Royalin 2000. Then choose from as many as 21 different colors to make sure you get just the hue for you! Come to the Comfort Studio and see these beautiful, vibrant leathers for yourself. It's true that nothing says luxury like leather!

Stressless® even offers 7 different styles of wood for the base and arms of your chair or sofa. They really have thought of everything to make this the best furniture you ever purchase, right down to the ability to match wood grain with existing pieces in your home. Come to the Comfort Studio and you can see how your favorite color and wood grain look together.


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