American Chiropractic Association Endorses Stressless Recliners

The American Chiropractic Association now endorses the “Stressless” seating solution from Ekornes, the largest furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia. This premium line of reclining sofas and chairs provides comfort and quality through its adaptive features, including a unique “Plus” system that ensures correct support for both the head and lower back. “People spend a lot of hours sitting in chairs and sofas. The painful fact is that many of the chairs and sofas we sit in can damage our bodies. It is so important to select furniture that employs sound ergonomic principles. That’s why ACA is proud to endorse the ‘Stressless’ seating products from Ekornes,” said ACA President Daryl D. Wills, DC.

ACA chose to endorse Ekornes’ “Stressless” seating solution because of the superior level of comfort and support it offers its customers. The product’s unique internal support structure and other body-support features are in keeping with the importance ACA places on using proper ergonomics for people of all ages.

The chair also features adjustable headrests and a freestanding movable footstool, both of which provide correct support for people of all sizes. And to truly fit each individual, the chairs are available in as many as three sizes.

Comfort Studio in Moore County, NC is proud to be an authorized  Stressless dealer.  We are located at 160 Pinehurst Avenue in Southern Pines.

What is an ACA Endorsement?

ACA takes its capability to endorse products and services very seriously and only endorses those we believe have a chiropractic-related benefit for consumers and/or doctors of chiropractic.

Before an organization is considered, it must first provide the following information to ACA:  a company profile; product and/or service descriptions; research data; patent information or certifications (if applicable); testimonials and/or recommendations; an evaluation overview (by an industry expert); product samples (if applicable); relevant pricing information; and third-party documentation regarding the product’s efficacy and safety.

Next, a committee of doctors of chiropractic (DC) thoroughly reviews all the materials based on criteria developed to measure each organization fairly and thoroughly.  As part of the evaluation process, committee members conduct research and/or testing, and if needed, consult with DCs that specialize in other areas of health care.  Only after a comprehensive evaluation, which may take as long as several months, is a determination made.
If an endorsement is awarded, the organization may use this seal in its promotional efforts.  This seal communicates to consumers and/or doctors of chiropractic it is a product or service of high-quality that has met ACA’s standards for endorsement.

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