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As told by Chris Davis, owner of The Comfort Studio

"18 years ago, I personally needed relief from constant pain in my lower back caused by 2 herniated discs. A review of my x-rays revealed two herniations between L4 and L5, both about the size of a garden pea. Lack of knowledge forced me to do the research for a comfortable, supportive chair that would fit my type of body and build. I needed a chair that would support my spine and allow me to relax.

I went to the High Point , N.C. Furniture Market and spent the day in nothing but manufacturers of reclining chairs. The muscle spasms and buzzing were common place. I found the Stressless® chairs then and I still use the "President" style chair and ottoman I sat in that day.

The Tempur-pedic sleep system I sleep on daily is a similar story, I tried them all and as a result we only offer Tempur-pedic products. These products work for me personally as well as the staff at Comfort Studio. We will not offer a product unless it performs to our personal standards." "I wanted to create a place where people could come and find products that actually help relieve the pain and stress they feel each day...and I think we've done it!".


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Comfort Studio is open Mon - Sat.

Mon. - Fri. 10am to 5:00pm
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160 Pinehurst Avenue, Southern Pines

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