Take the Comfort Studio "Comfort Test"
 Everyone's sense of comfort is different, that's why we have developed a system for making sure you get the perfect chair for your height, weight and body type.  We call it our "Comfort Test" and if you come by the showroom we'll take you through the test step by step.
Here are some examples of what we'll decide together when you come to the Comfort Studio. Don't be uncomfortable anymore, take the test!
Question #1
Are the height and width of the chair right for you?
Question #2
Is the ottoman positioned in the right place to give you maximum leg support?
Question #3
Does the chair move with you as you switch positions?
Question #4
Does the gliding movement smoothly adjust to your weight?
Question #5
Does the chair provide good lumbar support in all directions?
There are 5 more "Comfort Test Questions", when you come in to see us we'll show you how and why the Ekornes® Chairs and Sofas pass the test.    Find the Comfort Studio.
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